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Hi, I'm Cohen

I'm a modern full-stack programmer & freelancer. I'm passionate in making effective Apps, user interfaces, Ai's and websites.

About Me

I'm an Australian programmer who favours subjects that involve technology such as creative work.

I treasured programming at 7 years of age and learnt the basic fundamentals through a program known as "Scratch". I have been self driven and taught to learn more about code myself and the many possibilities avaliable (which are near to endless), up to now, I still find myself programming endlessly, as everything is there, all for free, just up to the mind to make.

Whenever I encounter a thought, idea, or anything I can evaluate on the design process, I start to build it, even if I choose to abandoned it at a later point. I strive for making a website I can use in a practicle way. As such, anything to automate and simplify life, making Ai's to provide information instantly or programs to improve my typing speed or grammar skills.
I vary with all programs to build or start my projects, I use the time of my sleep to think of ideas, structure them and build them, all ready to commence build during the day. I build apps for IOS, websites, software, AI's and cool viruses (Used controllably, never used in destructive measures)

On another hand, having breaks or getting away from the code for a day, would normally spend my time outdoors on photography. Many of my photos consist with urban/city shots or nature & animals. I gain great gratification from such a simple hobby. I then simply post them in my instagram profile which you can find more detail in My Projects.

My Projects

These are the pick of the bunch from the most prudent projects made in 2020. I am always looking & exploring other major projects that can be displayed here. You can view more projects in the "Other Resources" section within the footer. Simply click each image to learn more about them.


Alfa is flexible, intuitive,
Discord bot.


See more photography
on my instagram

Face Ai

Reads your facial expressions
and age


A modern, simplistic private
chat app

My Skills

Here are the some of the main environments I use. I mainly focus around front end development and making a website with a modern, simple & low informational look but offers a powerful design. I use Python for back-end relations with websites. I also have good experience in SEO and some of JavaScript's environments.


Contact me, but in real time 24/7, talk to a pre-made Ai that would probably have the same response I'd send in an email. Have a specific inquiry? Feel free to email me! Find more resources in the footer.