About Me

I'm an Australian programmer with over 5 years experience in webpage design + backend, database and server-side development.

Currently, I strive to make a website which serves in a practical way. As such, anything to automate and simplify life, making Ai's to provide information instantly or programs to improve my typing speed and even grammar skills.

Shown in the featured project below, I created Clustoro as an environment for users to integrate their whole workplace/group into one multimodal channel to collaborate with friends, colleagues or simply hangout with friends.

My Environment

My expertise is most evident in website development. However, in the past, I predominately developed in Python, curating simple systems, databases & mini-games.

One of my most recent interests is designing and producing graphic/vector illustrations to use within my webpages or client work. This resulted in more opportunities within the market.

Featured Project
Clustoro Logo




Clustoro is a messaging and media service.

Users can send messages, photos or any type of media, voice calls etc. Clustoro is designed for users to create a 'chat-channel' which allows communications to a community of other members who have joined the channel.
Channels contain utilities for users to create their own personal experience or tailor their channels to any specific purpose satisfied by the user.

Users can moderate other members or messages sent through their channels.
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